Wild Ones Presets

Dreamy, Ethereal, Nostalgic

This pack is a great choice for photographers looking for a versatile and user-friendly editing solution that can help them achieve a consistent and visually appealing look across a range of different images.

Pack 01.

Includes: 6 color presets and 2 black and white. MI 1.1, MI 1.2, MI 1.3, MI 1.4, MI 1.5, MI 1.6, MI BW 1, & MI BW 2

This pack is designed to be highly adaptable and work with a variety of different images, styles, and equipment. Enhance your images with beautiful and timeless presets that bring out the natural beauty of the image, rather than overpowering it with heavy filters or effects. This pack embodies ethereal, dreamy, and nostalgic vibes while still maintaining a classic and enduring aesthetic.

Natural, muted greens, cool earth tones, but maintaining a warm skin tone.

Deep blues, natural skin tones, and a hint of grain.

Deep blues and greens, more contrast, my personal favorite in the pack.

Warm, earthy, and nostalgic.

Warm, contrast, with subtle grain.

Rich, warm, and luminous with gentle highlights.

Contract+grain= The perfect moody black and white.

Crisp, clean, and bright.