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I’m so glad you found your way to my page, welcome. To introduce myself, I’m that girl behind the camera that rarely gets in front of it, but when I do it is so much fun. A couple things I love but are not limited to are my husband ( we’re newlyweds), my puppies, and good food and when I say good food I mean like stupidly expensive food... I can't help it.

Photography is something I started when I was younger but have been passionately pursuing as a business for a couple years now. It is my one true constant in my life (besides my husband) that will always be apart of who I am. It is the one thing I never tire of, the thing that excites me. It is not something I just do for some extra change but something I truly believe in , and I can’t imagine my life without a camera in it.


He is usually the funniest guy in the room, telling jokes or talking about Macklemore or Kanye's latest album and he will usually keep you laughing until your belly hurts. His true passions are music and coffee, working as a graphic designer and pursuing video work has been such a fun adventure. 


As a photographer, my goal is to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera. I believe the best photos are spontaneous and unplanned, capturing your unique personality and sincere moments is what I live for. If you love candid and unposed moments I think we would be the perfect fit.


“Creativity is how I share my soul with the world.”

- Brene Brown


Photo By | Kristin Jean Photographer


Our Story

We met during our senior year in high school when we were randomly sat next to each other in a math class.  After I (Jonah) made a constant doofus of myself for months, trying to make the prettiest girl in the room laugh at my jokes, we finally began dating in the spring of 2013.

 From there, we both ventured on to college at the University of Montana, and further fell head over heals for each other. Our relationship has been filled with ski days and road trips, and more laughs and memories than we can count. Over the last four years, we have spent our time becoming best friends--learning how to love each other unconditionally. 

On Christmas Eve, we got engaged at the spot of our first kiss--in the middle of the Road on 80th and Hesper, in front of the headlights and surrounded by luminary candles. We are so excited to finally be married, and to spend the rest time adventuring together wherever life takes us.



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